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Event Management

Universal Production [UP] offers Event Management services encompassing a wide range of event types and scales, from meetings to concerts, weddings to corporate gatherings. They liken event management to directing alive theatrical performance, with their event managers playing the role of directors. The company's approach emphasizes core event management aspects such as meticulous planning, logistics coordination, budgeting, effective marketing, scheduling, vendor collaboration, on-site execution, guest experience enhancement, risk mitigation, and post-event evaluation. By focusing on these elements, Universal Production [UP] aims to deliver seamless and memorable events that meet client objectives and exceed attendee expectations.

– Planning and Management
– Venue Scouting
– Technical Consultation and Production
– 3D Designs
– On Site Management
– Design and Branding
– Decoration and Wood Production
– PR Management
– 3D Mapping, Content, Design and Production

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