Content Creation

Switch it on! Content Creation 


Switch it on helps transform successful ideas, services or products into successful business models. Entrepreneurs at heart that want to share their ambitions and products and expand their ideas. We assist with this transition to unlock your true potential by setting up and improving your platform to reach a wider audience and achieve your goals. We help you transform your idea or talent into a small/medium business.

Brand Revamp - Brand Positioning 


We create effective and relevant content online & offline. Starting with brand analysis to better understand how to reach full brand awareness. By focusing on a strategy that will unlock the brand's true potential, setting up and improving the various platforms to reach a wider audience and achieve your end-goals.


We focus on assuring that your profile is up to date, concise and aesthetically pleasing. We tailor the package to your needs and we ensure it is customized just for you. 

" Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms " - Simon Mainwaring

Content Creation

First step is your LOGO! 


Creation of a logo that is unique and portrays the vision of your brand.

Logo Reveal Videos
Video reveal of your new logo - let your audience know you're here to stay!

Business cards, letterheads, t-shirts, pens, notebooks, etc...


CV creation

Increase your chance of getting a job by creating your CV, offering a wide range of both standard and design templates, enabling you to create a great CV that will attract employers attention.

Presentations/ Pitches

Presentations are communication tools that can be used as demonstrations, pitches, proposals, lectures, speeches, reports, and more. We help you create your presentation according to your needs.

Company Profile

By creating your company profile you are introducing your brand to your audience. A document that showcases your brand, your vision & mission and your services/products.

Website Development

Get your presence noticed! 


Development and creation of corporate/individual websites or portfolios that showcase all the services you provide or products you sell. Domain purchase, email set up and SEO creation are included.

Introduction Video

Explanatory video of your brand and logo and what your set out to do. It has the power to relay your message and can be added to your social media platforms or presentations.

Digital Marketing


Linked in

Create or update of you linkedIn profile, this allows you to have an online personal brand which makes you visible to key decision makers and recruiters.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

We assist you to set up your social media accounts and align your platform with your brand. Creating social media posts and campaigns that attract your target audience to your page. Sharing of tools and ways to work effectively and focused to your marketing plan. Set up of CRM platform so that you can manage your database and create your email campaigns and newsletters.